Solvent Resistant Emulsions

569 Most Solvent Resistance

Color Solids SR Sensitizer Speed  
Purple 39% A Diazo    

569 Provides high solids content for stencils with superb resolution and excellent edge definition, fine details and halftones. 569 has complete solvent resistance and, thus, affords easy stencil removal. Supplied with powder diazo sensitizer.

569CL Same as 569, but supplied clear for easier see-through registration. (Separate purple color supplied with purchase.)


Color Solids SR Sensitizer Speed    
Violet 34% B Diazo      

Half the exposure time of 569, but slightly less solvent resistance. Ideal for high-quality, high-volume production needs with high-intensity light sources and can be used also with low-intensity light sources.

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Color Solids Solvent Resistance Sensitizer Speed  
Blue 34% B        

Similar to 569FAST but with separate dye color for easier see-through registration. Ideal for weaker light sources and aggressive inks, such as vinyls, nylons, and mylars. Recommended for plastisol printing when aggressive solvents are used for wash-up.


Color Solids SR Sensitizer Speed    
Blue 34% C Diazo      

FX88 An abrasion resistant, general purpose emulsion for use with solvent based poster or enamel inks. Produces stencils with good resolution and definition; good solvent resistance (however, for complete solvent resistance, FX88-SR is recommended). Supplied with high quality powdered diazo sensitizer. Recommended for low intensity light sources.

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