ENZYME NO. 1 | Gelatin Stencil Remover


A safe enzymatic product especially formulated for thorough removal of gelatin-based indirect photostencils from all types of mesh with all Indirect Films except Ulanolux UP3. Odor free.

  • Remove ink completely with the proper solvent.
  • Let solvent dry.
  • If possible, soak the screen in hot water for several minutes. Run hot water over the printing side of the screen. Scrub the screen with a stiff nylon brush to remove as much emulsion as possible. Rinse with hot, running water.
  • Powder method: Sprinkle Enzyme No. 1 liberally on both sides of the screen and rub it in. Turn the screen stencil side up and cover the image area with a warm, wet rag. Let the screen stand for a few minutes. Scrub with a stiff nylon brush and then rinse with hot water.
  • Alternate tank method: Dissolve 40 grams (1½ ounces) of Enzyme No. 1 in 4 liters (1 gallon) of warm water.
  • Pour this solution into a tank or tray. Immerse the screen for fifteen to thirty minutes. Remove the screen and wash it with hot water.
  • Wipe the screen with white vinegar or 5% acetic acid solution to deactivate the Enzyme.
  • Rinse the screen thoroughly with tap water.


  • SPC1 1 LB. (454 g.)

Tech Data Sheet (English)