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Introducing Ulano’s exclusive EZ-Flo® Container
An innovative emulsion delivery solution for a better screen printing experience.

  • Easy to pour
  • Spill-resistant
  • Ready-to-use
  • Fast and efficient
  • Superior flow control
  • One-handed operation

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    Double Duty is an olive-grey, enhanced dual-cure emulsion formulated for use with industrial etchants, and with abrasive, frit-containing inks for ceramics and glass decoration. Because of its mechanical durability, Double Duty is also well suited to lengthy textile printing runs using discharge and other water-based textile inks. It has 40% solids content (unsensitized) and a viscosity of 6500-8000 centipoise (sensitized). Read more

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    Ulano Platinum™ is a ready-to-use SBQ-photopolymer direct emulsion formulated for imprinted sportswear printing and other markets. Read more

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    NEW!: EZ-50 ORANGE; Replaces EZ-FILM-50 and CDF/QT-50*

    EZ-50 ORANGE--ORANGE direct emulsion coated as a 50-micron capillary film--joins red 30-micron EZ-FILM-30 as an immediate replacement for EZ-FILM-50 as well as CDF/QT-50--and at a considerably lower price!"

    In addition to offering the fast exposure speed and anti-halation properties of ORANGE emulsion, EZ-50 ORANGE offers all the
    traditional benefits of capillary film:

    Ease of use
    •Minimal training required
    •“Pre-coated” stencils = perfect stencils— every time
    •Consistent exposure time

    Fewer processing steps
    •User friendly; easiest-to-use stencil system

    Wet processing
    •Avoids dirt- and dust-caused pinholes

    Consistent stencil thickness
    •Consistent exposure time
    •Control of ink deposit—and ink costs

    Backing sheet prevents stencil contraction during drying
    •Low Rz values; sharper printing edges

    Capillary film processing
    •Simplicity, reliability, consistency, quality
    •Yields 10,000-30,000 impression when wet adhered

    Can also be adhered /reinforced with emulsion
    •Adjustment of stencil thickness
    •Printing runs of 50,000-70,000 impressions

    *Use EZ-50 ORANGE with screen fabric 86-196 threads per inch (33-77/cm.); EZ-FILM-30 with screen fabric 230-305/inch (90-120/cm.).

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    sta sharp filmNEW!: Sta-Sharp® S3S VOC-Free Formulation

    We have reformulated Sta-Sharp S3S and its companion product, Sta-Sharp Adhering Liquid, so that both are now free of VOCs (volatile organic compounds). The reformulation project was on our Research and Development’s “green” agenda for several years, but we accelerated the project several months ago when we learned that a key raw material used to manufacture traditional S3S would be discontinued.

    Reformulated S3S should only be used with reformulated Sta-Sharp Adhering Liquid; otherwise, you will not be able to make stencils! Please double check (at least for the next six months or so) that you are using film and adherent that are compatible. Here’s how you can tell:

    The part numbers for reformulated S3S and Sta-Sharp Adhering Liquid end in “G.” Thus, the product code for reformulated 41” X 300” S3S is “S3S41X300NP-G”; for reformulated 48” X 300” rolls it’s “S3S48X300NP-G.” Reformulated Sta-Sharp Adhering Liquid is available in quarts (part number: “QSS-G”) and gallons (“GSS-G”). That “G” suffix on the part numbers is the key to film-adherent compatibility. If the film and adherent part number both end in “G,” you will be OK. (Note that reformulated S3S can also be adhered and removed with ethyl acetate.)

    Except for requiring a longer drying time after adhering the film (15 minutes--which is about the same as for Ulanocut Green), reformulated S3S cuts and peels the same as always, is compatible with the same inks, is environmentally friendly, does not require special ventilation—and allows Ulano to “manufacture green.” For the easiest reclaiming of reformulated S3S stencils, we recommend the use of All-Purpose Ink Wash.

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    Ulano’s revolutionary RD Sensitizing Technology will facilitate diazo-free, “pre-sensitized” versions of some of our most successful products, but without the need for measuring, mixing, stirring, or de-bubbling—and with considerably longer pot life. RD products will be sold as “Epic-Cure”—“EC”—emulsions.

    RD Technology  Download the NEW RD Sensitizing Tecnology

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    Proclaim™ emulsion has been one of our most successful diazo-photopolymer emulsions, affording unequalled exposure latitude, solvent resistance, and ease of removal. At SGIA ’12, we introduced Proclaim™ EC, the first of our diazo-free RD emulsions. Read more

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    Over 30 years ago, Ulano introduced capillary film to the world market. Now, we believe that we have perfected capillary films. CDF® Lexar is SBQ (pure photopolymer) sensitized capillary film formulated for use with solvent-based inks (thicknesses: 15µ, 20µ, 25µ, 30µ, 40µ, and 50µ). Read more

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    CDF® Vision is a diazo dual-cure formulation capillary film that controls mesh penetration and enhances photo-polymerization, for printed edge sharpness and optimal on-press durability (thicknesses: 15µ, 18µ, 20µ, 25µ, and 35µ ). Both film types resist hydrostatic attraction to printing stock under high humidity conditions, and electrostatic attraction in low humidity environments. Read more

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    Ultimate™ 758 is a premier quality, diazo-photopolymer (dual-cure) emulsion with imaging properties that satisfy the most exacting (30-micron lines and spaces) requirements for industrial printing and electronics manufacturing, including LCD panels, touch screens, solar cells, and mobile phone panels and lenses. Ultimate 758 promotes light collimation, resulting in highly consistent maintenance of image aspect ratios between suqeegee- and printing-side image areas. As well, Ultimate 758 is fully compatible with advanced stencil surface brighteners. Read more

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    Advanced Stencil Technology by Alfred Guercio


    orangeOrangeDirect Emulsion

    At January’s ISS Show in Long Beach, California, we introduced Ulano Orange, a pre-sensitized (ready-to-use), pure photopolymer (SBQ) textile emulsion for imprinted sportswear printing.  Orange is formulated with a “masking color” that reduces halation—the reflection and scattering of light in screen mesh during exposure—a major cause of loss of resolution, the closing up of fine lines and details.  One would expect a “masking color” to slow the exposure speed of an emulsion drastically, but that does not happen with Orange!  It is ultra-fast-exposing!  It is perfect for shops with high stencil making throughput, as well as shops with fluorescent tubes or other low-intensity light sources. 

    Orange has high viscosity (6,000 – 8,000 centipoise) that improves control when coating screens by hand and makes Orange a good choice for coarse mesh.  Its high solids content (44 - 46%) results in better mesh bridging, especially on coarse mesh, good edge definition, and fast drying. 

    Orange is resistant to plastisol inks, most washup solvents, and some commonly-used water-based textile inks.  It is easy to reclaim in automatic stencil removal equipment or by hand.  Stencils made with Orange are extremely durable, will not become tacky under high humidity conditions, and have excellent wet strength and exposure latitude.  Orange is formulated to reduce stencil-making time--in coating (because of its high viscosity), drying (due to its high solids), and exposure (its high photo-sensitivity despite its “masking color”).

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