A year ago we announced a VOC (volatile organic compound)-free version of Sta-Sharp S3S, our solvent-adhered knifecut stencil film, as well as a VOC-free version of Sta-Sharp Adhering Liquid. This breakthrough chemistry made it possible for an aqueouscoated film to resist aqueous inks.

Unfortunately, we found that after reformulated S3S film ages, it cannot be dissolved sufficiently by the reformulated adhering liquid to be adhered securely to screen mesh. This is especially so if the screen mesh is coarse or has not been preparedthoroughly—instances when the original formulation was essentially failure-proof.

"We have formulated a new VOC-containing adhering liquid to be used with reformulated, VOC-free S3S film. It is called EX-4148 and is being field tested. Results are promising, although the new adherent requires 15-30 minutes of drying, depending on the ambient humidity. We no longer recommend the use of reformulated Sta-Sharp Adhering Liquid ("QSS-G"--part number for quarts; "GSS-G"--part number for gallons) with reformulated S3S film. 

For information on EX-4148, please contact Ulano - Brooklyn.

  • Shelf Life 2 years

Format (Rolls):

  • S3S4113NP-G 41" x 300"

  • S3S4813NP-G 48" x 300"

  • Rolls on 300-Gauge Polyester Backing

  • Jumbo rolls (not punched) for automated film cutting devices

Custom-Cut Sheets

  • 100 sheet minimum for custom cut sheets less than 140 square inches (356 cm)

  • 50 sheet minimum for custom cut sheets that are 140 square inches or more