UlanoTips for Low Humidity Conditions



  • Gelatin films will not perform correctly if stored in humidity less than 30%.
  • Use a humidifier to increase the storage area to an ideal of 50%

Under conditions of prolonged low humidity, ULANO Indirect System Photographic Films may become brittle. To restore flexibility to the coating, we recommend a glycerin treatment:


  • Mix 1 part of glycerin to 16 parts of water.
  • During the adherng step, after at least two changes of newsprint, apply a liberal coating of the glycerin solution with cotton or a clean rag to the squeegee side of the screen.
  • Wait five minutes.
  • Finish blotting the screen with newsprint as usual.
  • Place inexpensive humidifiers in the stencil making and printing areas of the shop, or install humidity control equipment.