Water resistant stencils are reclaimable if not subjected to aggressive solvents during printing or wash-up

In Order of Water Resistance:

TRIFECTA | SBQ Dual-Cure direct emulsion presensitized for use with Water-Based, Plastisol and Discharge Inks, No Sensitizer or Hardening Needed*; Good for CTS, LED exposure units, automatic washout and reclaiming equipment.

LX-892 | Durable - Designed for Ceramic and the Most Taxing Water Based Textile Shops 

925WR-P / 925WR-P/CL | Phthalate-Free, Water Resistant Emulsion for Imprinted Sportswear and Other Textile Printing

QLT | Superior Water Resistance with Additional Diazo

QT-DISCHARGE | Modern, Faster Exposing Emulsion that uses Powder Diazo & Has the Highest Solids and the Best Price

TZ  / TZ/CL | Traditional Diazo for Higher Mesh Counts 

LX-660 | Dual-Cure Emulsion

DLX | Humid Conditions